About Dr. Schmidt

Dr. Kathleen Schmidt is an Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University cross appointed to the Applied Psychology and Brain & Cognitive Sciences programs. She serves as the Program Director of Undergraduate Psychology.

Dr. Kathleen Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2014. Before joining the faculty at SIU, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University and a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

Dr. Schmidt’s primary area of research is social cognition. Much of her research explores implicit biases and evaluation, stereotyping, and identification. She is a researcher for Project Implicit, a nonprofit organization that hosts an educational website promoting the dissemination and application of research on implicit social cognition.

Dr. Schmidt’s research interests also include reproducibility in Psychological Science. She has participated in many large-scale, international research collaborations designed to study and increase the quality of Psychological research. Dr. Schmidt serves as an Assistant Director and Study Selection Committee Chair for the Psychological Science Accelerator, a distributed collaboration network committed to advancing the field of Psychology.


Dr. Schmidt is currently teaching Careers in Psychology and Introduction to Psychology. She is also leading a Practicum on the Teaching of Psychology.

Previous Courses Include:

  • Reproducible Research in Psychology (graduate seminar)
  • Social Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Health Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Advanced Research in Attitudes
  • Psychology of Decision Making

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